Swollen Gums Treatment

Swollen GumsMany of us suffer from swollen gums. Swollen or inflamed gums can really be painful. The problem gets aggravated if gum problems are not treated on time. If swollen gum problems get out of control, surgical intervention may be needed. However, surgery is the last resort and there are some home remedies and medicines (including antibiotics) that can heal gum problems. This article is dedicated to gum problems and swollen gums treatment.

Problems Galore

If you think that your swollen gums are a problem of your oral cavity only, think again. Modern research has established that bacteria that cause decay of our teeth and gums can cause heart diseases as well and increase the risk of heart attacks. These germs can even affect the liver and kidneys. Therefore, for the holistic betterment of your health, you shouldn’t think twice about visiting a dentist if you are suffering from swollen gums.

Causes of Swelling Gums

The root cause of swelling gums is lack of oral hygiene. Please be informed that swelling of gums is not a disease in itself, but is an external manifestation of some underlying ailment. The following are some of the underlying causes of swelling or inflammation of gums:

  • Gingivitis
  • Pyorrhea
  • Allergies
  • Leukemia
  • Monilia

Symptoms of Swollen Gums

When you are suffering from swollen gums, the following may be the symptoms:

  • The gums become raised up and recede making your teeth look longer.
  • Reddening of gums with pus accumulation.
  • You feel pain whenever you touch your gums or move your brush over them.
  • Swollen gums lead to loosening of the teeth; even the interspaces between the teeth tend to increase.
  • If the inflammation gets severe, there may be bleeding from the gums.

Home Remedies that come handy

If you are suffering from swollen gums, some home remedies can really come handy.
I will like to recommend you the following remedies:

  • You need to get a small twig of the sheesham tree. Ignite it and you will see that a frothy discharge is coming from the other cut end. Apply this frothy discharge on your painful gums. The swelling will stop and the gums will also no longer bleed.
  • Mix 50 grams of rose petal essence and half-a-lemon juice. Ensure that the mixture is thorough and uniform. Put the mixture in your mouth and retain it as long as you can before throwing it out. Do this activity at least thrice a day in periodic intervals. Your swollen and painful gums should be back on track.
  • Take a piece of bark of Babul tree (Acacia) and prepare an extraction from it by boiling in water. Boil till the amount of water reduces to half the quantity. Then cool it. Use this aqueous extract for gargling. The swelling of your gums should subside along with the pain.
  • Take some ginger and some amount of salt. Make good paste out of it. Ensure that the two components get mixed uniformly. Then place this mixture on your gums and gently rub it. This is considered to be an excellent home remedy for swollen gums.
  • Take a glass of boiled water and mix the juice of one lemon in it. Gargle with this juice at least twice a day. The swelling of the gums will not only subside, the bad odor coming from your mouth will also vanish.
  • Get some Mehandi leaves (henna). Boil the leaves in water for about 15 minutes. After you have boiled the mixture, filter out the extract and gargle with it. Remember to do it at least twice a day. The extract of Mehandi leaves works wonders and heals your troublemaking gums.
  • Roast some ajwain (Bishop’s weed) in an open pan. Next, crush and grind them consistently. Add two to three drops of mustard oil to this ajwain powder. Apply the mixture to your swollen gums with slight amount of pressure. The swelling of gums will reduce and as a bonus, your teeth will also emerge stronger.
  • We know that alum is a great antiseptic and is used to heal minor cuts. This alum can come to the aid of your gums too. Take some amount of alum and crush it in a crucible to make it in powder format. Apply this alum powder to your gums slowly at least twice a day. The swelling of your gums will be healed. I also recommend this practice to maintain your overall dental health all the year long. This can be considered one of the best home remedies for swelling of gums.

Other hygienic measures to check swelling of gums

I have shared with you some of the home remedies for dealing with swollen gums. However, regular maintenance of dental and oral hygiene is a prerequisite to avoid these problems. You need to keep in mind the following tips:

  • You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled tooth brush – once after waking up in the morning and the other before retiring to bed.
  • Use dental floss regularly. Remove all embedded particles hiding between the teeth regularly by using toothpicks.
  • Gargle regularly, preferably twice a day.
  • Ensure that you drink plenty of water and consume Vitamin C from citrus juices (apple, lemon etc.)

Even after maintaining oral hygiene, you may not be able to stop the onset of swollen gums fully. If there is a large collection of plaque or food remnants, you may need professional help to have those removed. Sometimes, the swelling may occur due to the effects of drugs. If you stop or reduce the intake of the drug, the swelling will reduce substantially. If the swelling is an outcome of a general health disorder, rectifying your ailment may heal your nagging gums.

Unfortunately, the swelling may be in the form of a tumor. In that case, you will have to take professional recourse and have the tumor operated out surgically.

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